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Springs A Comin - 2015 Results



Sun did SHINE and the birds did SING.

Awesome day at Lone Star - with all our shooter friends, old and new.

Happy Valentines to all, and our Winner of Lone Star’s Valentine prize – Flowers, wine, box of chocolates and gift card to restaurant – Jennifer Hebert.

“Be Present to Win” Door prize winners:

Shells – Jack McCreight, Marc Turner, Sam Moore, Max Burton and Time Bane

Tito’s Vodka – Jerry Steadham, Joel Dewey and Philip Jury

Briley Pink Gun Sleeve - Tommy Shurley

Under Armor backpack – Jill McEachern

Subway gift card – Thomas Standefer

Academy gift card – Lain McEachern

Thank you all and see you on March 14.


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