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Lone Star 25th Anniversary Special - 2016


Thank you all for coming and making our 25th Anniversary one to remember.   The Birds did sing and the Sun did shine, and we cannot thank you all enough for all the kind words over the past several days.  174 shooters for the day, awards for the Main by Lonesome Charlie and Prelim Buckles by Jim White.  It was a great day for shooting, enjoying everyone's company.   Thank you to Mike and Tammy Williams for not one but two Anniversary cakes, not one bite was left.   Steve McVay thank you for the donuts for breakfast.   I can tell you everyone left Saturday evening with a sugar high.

Outstanding shooting by Jeff Philips on the Main and Prelim and taking top honors in both.  Jerry Steadham was top shooter in the 28 GA Event.

Mike and I want to thank our family - our son's Marty and Tommy, who have been with us since we started, helped build the club house, trapped whatever it took, Marty’s family, Shannon, Aubrey and Teddy, Tom and Cathy Bain and Tony and Sandy Huffman, what can you say about people that don't even shoot, but are here every time we open the doors.   Carrie Smith, David Butler, my Mom Joy Brooks, without family it doesn't work.

Door Prize Winners

Shells - Cole Davis, Kerry Brooks, Kellee Patterson, Keith McLemore and Nathan Brooks

Tito's Vodka - Kevin Bauer, John Synder and Danny Webb

Pendleton Bourbon - Lee Tackett

Yeti Lowball - Victoria Feather

MaxQ gun cleaner - Ryan Davis

Briley Gun Sleeve- Bobby Steele

Backpack - Linda Iker

Valentine's Package - Bottle Wine, flowers, candy and wine glass - Mario Cossio

Free Entry to a Lone Star NSCA Shoot - Michael Lindstrom

Grand Prize - Free Entry to Main Event at Nationals - Garrett Walsh.

Look forward to seeing everyone March 12th.


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