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Crazy Mania's Results - 2015



Crazy Mania's
One word - Fun Fun Fun - (I know that's three).
Thank you all for coming, we started the New Year off with a "BANG". 132 shooters today, wonderful weather, great friends.

Drawing winners today:
Tito's Vodka - Wilburn Knowles, Bruce Thornton, Jack Baumann Sr. and Troy Walsh
Shot Gun Shells - Todd Andjulis, Terry Marsh, Steve Griffin, James Duke and Terry Bailey
Cooler Bag - Billy Imboden
Briley Gun bag - Mark Francis
Beretta Gun bag - Tom Maddox
Lone Charlie Shell Bag - Neil Kretzler
$30 Academy Gift Card - Ronnie Web
$40 Cash- Gary Tufte

See you all in February.


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